Sunday, 13 January 2013


I love! As a kid I loved books...but as a pre-teen I hated books! Why? Maybe my dyslexia turned me away as I was reading more often on my own.  Regardless, my mother always read with me and encouraged me to read and I am determined to do that with my daughter.  At two months old I started reading to her, my husband thought I was crazy!  Fast forward to 7 months and my daughter loves story time whether its during the day, before a nap or before bed!  I love cuddling on our rocking chair and reading, my daughter is so interested in the words and the pictures, she even smiles and laughs while I read! I hope this continues!

So to say the least, books are they need an amazing place to be stored!

1. Custom White Bookshelves via 'Modern 24/7'

2. Rain Gutter Bookshelves via 'Honey and Fizz'
3. Spice Rack Bookshelves via 'OhDeeDoh'

This idea by: Table Tonic
Use Ikea Spice Racks to create a great book shelf.  Low enough for the kids to reach!

These great shelves were made by The Sweet Survival.  Check out there blog for more info of how they created them! 

Tree Book Shelf by Nursery Works

Great way to use picture rails!

My favourite shelf has to be this vintage book/card stand! I wish I could find this piece!


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