Monday, 11 February 2013

Valentine DIY Wrapping

As mentioned in my previous post, I bought my daughter a few books for Valentine Day.  While at the store, I picked up additional books for two of my friends kids as a V-Day gift to them from Mia.  We will be getting together two days before V-Day, so I thought it would be a cute little gift.  The book I bought for them is Huggy Kissy By Leslie Patricelli.  They are both young at under a year old.  

I also wanted to wrap them or present them in a creative way along with a home-made Valentine Card from Mia.  I was inspired by Pinterest of course! Who isn't!  

Here is the Final Product


Materials Needed:

1.     Wrapping Paper, two different colours.
2.     X-acto knife
3.     Thin cardboard, card-stock or old business card
4.     Pen or Pencil
5.     Scissors
6.     Tape
7.     Cutting Board (can get one at our local dollar store)
8.     Gift or box

Step One:
Choose two different wrapping papers and cut the wrapping paper to size of the gift.

Step Two:
Draw or trace a shape on the business card and cut it out.

Step Three:
Choose which wrapping paper you want on the front and which one you want underneath.  

Step Four:
Place your top layer wrapping paper on your cutting board and trace your stencil first (business card) or directly cut your shape.  Create any pattern you are comfortable with!
If you use a heart like I have, you can cut only half and fold is over so it has a flap, which gives it dimension.

Step Five:
If you want to add a name, you can trace or draw your own letters.  I drew  and cut my letters on the back of the wrapping and reversed my letters so when I flipped the paper over the name was the right way! 

Step Six:
Wrap you gift with the wrapping paper that you did not cut.  Then wrap the gift again with the paper you cut! And Viola! There you have your custom made wrapping paper!

What do you think? Pretty Cute!


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