Sunday, 9 June 2013

My failed attempt at Cake Pops!

Sometimes I think I am just so creative! I do have a lot of good ideas, not to toot my own horn! But this was NOT one of them.

I did a lot of research on how to make my own cake pops and I thought I was on the right track!

I loosely followed Mighty Delighty's "How to Make Perfect Cake Pops" tutorial.  I bought a cake mix to cheat a little as she did, added fudge pudding and also replaced about 75-80% of the vegetable oil for unsweetened apple sauce.  

My cake turned out great and looked to be the perfect consistency! I or I should say my mom, then whipped up some butter cream icing because I forgot to buy icing at the grocery store that day...even though that was my purpose of my trip there! I bought kale and diapers instead! 

Anyways, the recipe we followed to make the butter cream is located on the Redpath Icing Sugar bags.  I put about 2-3 TBSP of icing in the cake and mixed it up with my hands.  We eyeballed the size of the cake pop, but in hindsight we should of used a cookie scoop.  We rolled the dough which might have been a little too dry (I realized that after the fact).  I bought lollipop sticks and candy melts at Bulk Barn.  We melted the candy melt using a double boiler and dipped our sticks into the chocolate and then into our round cake balls.  We put them in the fridge to harden and then we dipped our pops into the chocolate.  

Some fell off into the chocolate and I had to rescue them! As we are dipping them into the chocolate, I look at my mom and say, "Where the heck are we going to put them to dry?".  Clearly I don't think ahead.  I found a box, poked some holes into and then we had a drying rack.  Well our pops were not smooth at all! Chocolate was dripping everywhere! They were ugly! We tried reshaping, adding whole candy melts to the tops to round them off, sprinkling them with sugar...

Finally our cake pops turned into an upside-down cake pop with sprinkles to try to hide our poor craftsmanship! Although we were not successful it was an interesting experiment!  And they do taste delicious!!!!! Thanks again Mom for letting me convince you to help me bake again! 

Not the roundest balls!

My make-shift stand with a weird cake pop!

I think they were suppose to be round! 

Our final upside-down cake pops! 

Anyone have any tips for me if I try this again?


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