Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Finland has some good Ideas!

Kela is an organization in Finland working to improve the life and health of the people who live there.  They are there to support their citizens to care for themselves.  Kela's operates based on four values, Respect for the individual, Expertise, Cooperation and Renewal.  

One of the great programs offered by Kela is it's Maternity Package.  This maternity package contains necessary items for a new babies.  The items include children's clothing, bedding, cloth diapers and a range of child-care products.  The package is offered to all new mothers.  Kela also offers the choice of taking the package or they can take a maternity grant in cash in lieu if the Maternity package.  The box that contain these items also acts as a crib! If only the Canadian government would offer something like this!  

Here is a little history about the maternity grant:

Finland had the lowest levels of infant and maternal mortality rate in the world, so in 1937 the Maternity Grants came into effect.  The following year these grants were provided and intended for low-income mothers only.  Later these grants were given to two-thirds of new mothers and then in 1949, the grants were made available to all mothers.  

An interesting fact is that about all first-time mothers choose the maternity package over the cash grant.  Take a look below to see some of the items that are offered! What do you think? Would you like a package like this?


Sleeping Bag/ Quilt

Light Suit

Balaclava Hat

Socks and Mittens

Mattress, Mattress cover, Undersheet, 
Duvet cover, and Blanket

Bath towel with hood, Nail scissors, 
Hairbrush, toothbrush, Bath thermometer, 
Cream, and Wash cloth

Bra pads, Condoms, All-in-one cloth nappy set, 
Cloth nappy set, and Muslin squares

Box which can be used as a crib

For more information on the maternity program, take a look at Kela's website!


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