Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Goods That Do Good!

DoGoodBuyUs is a great company whose motto is S.H.O.P.... Simply Help Other People!

A little about DoGoodBuyUs...

At DoGoodBuyUs they believe consumerism can change the world, so they built the largest marketplace of goods that help others. Now anyone can do good just by buying beautiful, often handmade items that support the worthiest causes. From tea to t-shirts, from rain boots to coffee, from jewelry to soaps, from the everyday to gift items.

Even better, with each purchase, at least 50% proceeds are dedicated to fighting poverty, hunger, disease, environmental degradation and other life-threatening ills around the globe. 

They partnered with over 250 charities and social ventures to create a marketplace exclusively featuring products that give back.  As a customer, you are helping to instill the “do good” philosophy through your purchases.   What better way to shop than to give back at the same time! Since they began, they have raised over $150,000 for their charitable partners!

Take a look at some of the great products below!


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