Saturday, 21 September 2013

Hello NEW YORK…Leaving my monkey for the 1st time!

This April my mother, sister and I took a weekend trip to NY.  It was the first time I left my little one for an extended amount of time.  Even though I was leaving her in good hands with my husband, I couldn’t help but still be a little worried.

I thought about her all the time and called so often I think my husband was starting to avoid my calls! Facetiming with her helped me get through it.  Not only was she well behaved but also she probably didn’t even miss me!  Well the trip went better then expected and believe it or not, I survived! 

Back to the NY trip and it’s oh so important purpose: To SHOP! I needed new clothes, shoes, and a jacket.  It had been a while since I shopped for nice clothes since I wasn’t interesting in spending money on maternity clothing and wanted to hold off until I was back to my pre-baby weight.  My sister, the fashionista believes in buying good quality clothing and few key pieces.  Her philosophy is that if you spend a bit more money on quality and classic pieces that you can mix and match, you’ll have enough to wear and be happy doing so! I agree!  If a piece is trendy and you will only be able to wear it for a season, why spend a lot of money on it?

My main shopping mission in NY was to search for a new leather jacket.  I had my trusty old fitted leather jacket that I purchased from Danier Leather several years ago. Although it’s still in pretty good condition, I wanted a jacket that was more casual.  Since becoming a mommy, I felt like I lost my fashion sense and I needed to spice up my wardrobe a bit!  The price of leather jackets can run pretty high, but seeing it as an investment piece that I will get many years out of it, I knew it was something I wouldn’t mind spending a bit of money on!

We headed out to All Saints, which is now also in Yorkdale! All Saints had a bunch of great options for leather jackets!  I was really interested in a motorcycle-inspired jacket.

Here are some of the jackets I looked at:  

Here is the “chosen” one! Connell Biker Jacket!

The Connell Biker Jacket is collarless and has a waxed suede body with a lamb vegetal tan sleeve.  The hardware zips are nickel and located on the pockets and cuffs.  The pulls and press studs are also nickel. 

Which one would you have preferred? What do you think of my new jacket?

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