Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Touch 'n Sing Along App for Kids! - Review!

My little one is obsessed with our iPhones and iPad and she knows how to use them! She is one smart cookie, if I do say so myself! As you may know, my monkey is not even a year and a half and I am always looking for educational apps that she can play with instead of touching random buttons and “surfing” the net!  I was contacted by SumahoMAMA to take a look at their app “Touch ‘n Sing”.  I downloaded the free app and both my daughter and myself instantly loved it! 
By touching and interacting with the app, kids can listen to the music and learn rhythms.  When they get older they can read letters, view song lyrics to sing along with and play alphabet games. Difficulty levels are also customizable! The graphics are super colourful so they appeal to young minds.  Not only is it educational and fun, it is free of advertisements! Yipee! No ads in a free app! I love the security of knowing my daughter won’t press an ad that could take her to who knows where on the Internet!
SumahoMAMA or "Smartphone Mothers" in Japanese, was created by moms looking to build educational and entertaining mobile apps for kids of all ages.  This kid friendly app for both iphone and ipad has over 1.2 million downloads in Japan! Self-proclaimed as a “magical toy chest” on the App Store site, The Touch ‘n Sing App is packed with popular kid songs such as “The Hokey Pokey” and “The Alphabet Song”. This fun app allows kids and parents to enjoy classic kid’s songs!  The basic app comes with three free songs and there are also other songs and Super Value packs available for purchase at the iTune store

Test out the app and let me know what you think. Do you think your kids will like it as much as my monkey does?

This post is sponsored by Sumahomama, the thoughts and opinions expressed here are solely my own.

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“Touch and Sing Along Picture Book”

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