Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Hang it!

I absolutely love Eames’ designs, but I can live without the prices!  A bit ironic since the Eames identified a need for affordable, high-quality furniture for the average consumer!

Charles Eames and his wife Ray designed and built amazing furniture and architecture in the 1940-1950’s.  Their career did expand past the 10 years mentioned, but these were in my opinion the best years for their designs!  They wanted furniture that could serve a variety of uses and simultaneously be modern.

One piece I love is The Hang It-All!  This colourful and whimsical design is a coat rack that you mount on the wall.  It has a welded steel wire frame and solid wood balls for hooks.   The Hang It-All was originally designed for children but has become a popular piece to have in foyers and hallways.  It is also a piece of art!

Like I mentioned, the prices I can live without.  Well the Hang It-All is $200.00! I don't think my husband would be impressed if I purchased it for my daughter’s room!  Staying true-to-form, I searched for an alternative!  And I found one that fit well within my “budget”. 

This five pack of colorful hooks are a great and inexpensive alternative! The Losjon hooks from IKEA cost me $8.99 plus tax! They were very easy to mount on the wall and give the option of using either the self-adhesive backing or if you know you are hanging heavier objects, you can also screw them into the wall.

Here are the hooks in my daugther’s room!

For more information on the Hang It-All and Charles and Ray Eames take a look at the Herman Miller website. 


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