Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Current Loving - Pop & Lolli

 We are currently trying to organize our basement and want to make a play area for Mia.  The basement will hopefully be multifunctional.   We are looking to have three distinct areas; a studio/office, TV area, and of course a play area.  Since the basement is completely open without any dividing walls, I was looking for ways to define the different areas. 

I am thinking along the lines of furniture and wallpaper/decals to separate the areas.  While searching online I found a great company, Pop and Lolli! I adore everything they create!   Pop and Lolli designs modern and funky wallpapers and decals, which meet my design aesthetics. 

A Mod Mom who was searching for great decor for her first child’s nursery created the Pop and Lolli line.  Unable to find something “awesome”, “extraordinary”, “fun” or “funky”, she designed wallpaper and decals that met her criteria!

She created funky and fun designs that are playful, cheery, colorful and able to grow with a child.  She also wanted impact, so she created designs big enough to create an immersive environment for children.  I hope I can create an environment for Mia that has all those qualities!

Take a look at my favorite wallpapers and decals from Pop and Lolli!

Love Pop and Lolli? Take a look at their website!


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