Thursday, 28 November 2013

Mommy Groups!

The Mommy Squad and The Styled Child have joined forces for a great contest,


This is your chance to show off your child’s space you have created and be featured on The Styled Child website!

How to Enter?

Visit The Styled Child Facebook page and “LIKE” us then send us a minimum of three photos of your child’s room to 

Subject Line: Mommy Squad Contest – Your Name (and Facebook Name if different from email name).

The Mommy Squad and The Styled Child will choose 3 finalists and then you will have the chance to vote for ONE winner on The Styled Child site. 

The winner will not only have bragging rights but will be featured on The Styled Child!  The winner will also receive a custom 8 x 10 Birth Poster and an Initial Print for their winning room courtesy of The Styled Child Shop! (Frames not included)

 Birth Poster

 Initial Print

Initial Print

Submission deadline is December 20th, 2013.  Voting will begin on December 23rd, 2013 and end on January 12th, 2014.  Winner will be announced on January 16, 2014. 

Facebook Mommy Groups

Since becoming a Mom I have joined many Facebook groups and even created my own.  Mommy groups can be a great resource for moms to communicate with other local moms.  You can share advice, recommend products that you love, write about your cranky child, and warn other mothers about a non-friendly child shops! The list goes on!

One of my favorite mommy groups is the Mommy Squad.  Cora created Mommy Squad, the group for experienced mommies, new mommies, and expecting mommies!  She wanted it to be a place where mommies can express themselves and provide each other with advice on all topics that are important to us moms.

Another reason Cora started the group is because many groups have strict rules that it prevented mothers from giving honest opinions.  Cora was part of another group but because of the rules she felt she was always being scolded or saying something wrong.  Along with the rules, there was too much drama!

But Cora also implemented rules!  Her rules include respecting all moms in the group (no negative comments), keep all posts confidential, advice/tips on any health/nutrition related questions should never be taken over the advice of your doctor.  If you wish to sell items to other mommies, create an album and limit items to baby, children, and maternity items and members can also post their businesses only if it contributes to the actual group and must not be their only post.

Cora’s rules are short and sweet and easy to follow! These are rules I can respect and follow!  If you know a mom that needs support, don’t forget to invite them to the Mommy Squad group! 

Thank you Cora for creating Mommy Squad and providing a forum for us moms!

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