Thursday, 7 November 2013

Züpers - Review!

Züpers was created by mom and clothing designer, Wendy Feller.  She was thinking about how her then 5-year-old daughter was constantly ripping her tights and leggings.  She wanted to come up with a solution to prevent her daughter from scraping her knees when she played outside. 

She thought why not make leggings with knee pads built in?!   Züpers sent Mia a pair of leggings and a racer back tank tunic to try out.  We both love them!  The pattern on the leggings is fun and they are as promised…super soft and comfy!  The knee pads are working wonders as Mia has started to run!


Züpers leggings are made out of durable and functional fabric.  Not only soft and silky but the fabric provides UV protection.  The material is also rip-resistant, moisture wicking and quick drying!  And lets not forget the fun patterns!

The leggings also have removable knee pads that are inserted into a hidden pocket inside the leggings.  Originally a heart shape, the now rectangular padding has been increased in size and covers more of the knee.  The padding is thin and made out of Neoprene and they don’t need to be removed in order to wash them!  Another plus is the Secret Treasure Pocket that girls will be sure to love!  Züpers leggings are also very comfortable; they have a lower rise waist, gusseted crotch, flat seams and a tag less label! Take a look at the Züpers collection here!

Züpers also launched a Kickstarter Collection and Campaign.  For those of you who don’t know what Kickstarter is, it is a way to fund creative projects.  Each project is independently created and backers fund money to help support and make projects a reality. In Züpers case, this is a new collection of re-designed leggings. You can take a look at the Züpers Kickstarter campaign here! And check out the Züpers Kickstarter Pinterest page here for their new collection. 

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