Thursday, 12 December 2013

Guest Post: Simple Gift Giving!

With Christmas right around the corner our shopping lists can seem daunting.  My gift-giving philosophy has morphed some over the years...or simplified I should say (in part due to my ever-growing family).  Gift giving, after all, should be a joy - not a chore!

With three young children at home, we already have toys coming out of our yin yang, so when family members inquire about gift ideas I try to suggest experiences rather than items (i.e. family passes to the zoo rather than Barbie dolls).  That said, kids still need presents to unwrap on Christmas morning, so last year my family adopted a lovely tradition I saw on-line once.  Four simple gifts all wrapped up in a sweet little rhyme:

The challenge with young children (and perhaps adults too...totally speaking for myself here) is that they want everything they see - and thanks to advertising prowess they see everything!  As a result, Christmas wish-lists can be never-ending.  I helped my own kids narrow their focus by allowing them to ask Santa for 4 specific gifts (something they wanted, needed, could wear and could read).  I'm not sure if it was the structure of the request or the intrigue of the rhyme, but they had a great time making their lists...and I had a great time shopping.  Then I printed off cute labels to attach to the appropriate gifts.  Done and done!


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