Saturday, 28 December 2013

Guest Post: A "Thing" for Organization

Okay, so I have a 'thing' for organization (a compulsion some might say...and by "some" I mean my husband).  I also have three kids.  One doesn't always lend itself well to the other, but Lord knows I do my darndest!  

I love posting photos, birth announcements, and invitations on my fridge, but I hated the way they'd get skewed every time someone brushed by them (and I'm convinced my one-year-old would repeatedly jumble them up just to mess with me - which she did successfully).  This is the kind of visual chaos that would keep me up at nights (I kid...mostly).  

So I hit my local dollar store and purchased a bunch of black frames and some adhesive-backed magnetic strips.  I got a variety of frame styles and sizes, but because I choose a unifying colour, it created a sense of aesthetic cohesion.  Then I just adhered the magnetic tape to the back of the frames, mounted my pics, and stuck them to the fridge!  Order at least for smaller items...

But what about the kids artwork and school calendars???  Again, sleepless nights... 

Alas I came up with a solution to conquer this design dilemma too.  Another trip to the dollar store.  This time I bought cork board squares and some adhesive-backed letters.  I used the letters as stencils and some spray paint to personalize the cork boards with my kids' names, then stuck some left over magnetic tape onto the back, and added them to my fridge.  They act as a perfect backdrop for displaying the kids artwork or for mounting their individual monthly school calendars.  

Ahhh....that's more like it!  Finally some peaceful zzzz's (or as peaceful as it can get with a houseful of young children)!

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