Wednesday, 15 January 2014

15 Cute Valentine Day Gifts - No Candy Version!

Take a look at these 15 Cute DIY Valentine Day Gifts! And NO candy needed! Perfect for schools that do not allow food based gifts!

Check them out! Let me know which ones are your favourite! Click on the photos to link to the original post! 

 Paging Supermon: My Funny Valentine

 Dandee: Magnifying Glass Valentines

 Design Mom - I'm Wild for You Valentine

 Dandee: love Bug Valentines

 Saltwater-Kids: We make a great Pair

 Kommunicated: Glow Stick Valentine's

 Random Thoughts of a Supermom- Play-Doh Valentine

 MerMag: I'm stuck on You

 At Second Street: Blow me a Kiss

 Craft-o-Maniac: Valentine Card

 Little Lovables: You Rock Pet Rock

 Etsy, Color My World Valentine

 Valentine's Day Gift Tag

 Dandee: Friendship Bracelet Valentines

Now to decide which craft I am going to be creating with Mia for her classmates!

Need a cute way to wrap gifts up, check out our DIY Valentine Wrapping post!

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