Monday, 13 January 2014

Georg Jensen - MONEYPHANT

In November I went on a little weekend trip to Copenhagen, Denmark with my sister and mom.  I was in heaven! Danish/Scandinavian design is my all time favourite! Furniture, accessories, clothing, and kid products, everything is beautifully designed!  I am going to share a couple of my clothing purchases in upcoming posts, but right now I want to talk about Georg Jensen!

Georg Jensen was a Danish silversmith who was born in Copenhagen in 1866.  He combined his training in metalsmithing and fine arts together to create Art Nouveau creations.  Jensen is known all over the world for his Scandinavian designs.  

Jorgeb Moller, a designer for Georg Jensen created the MONEYPHANT in 2010, a piece based on his elephant bottle opener.  It was first created in stainless steel and also available in four colours: black, white, light blue and rose.  

In 2011, Swiss/Argentinean designer Alfredo Häberli debuts a new Moneyphant.  His Moneyphant features two small elephants made of solid oak that nest within a larger stainless steel one.  

The Moneyphant is perfect for a child's room and makes a great gift.  Take a look below!

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