Saturday, 8 February 2014

Valentine Day - Free Printable!

Valentine's Day is less then a week away!  The Styled Child has a great FREE Printable for you!

Here is an EASY and CUTE Valentine Day Card craft! 


1.  "being your friend makes me want to BURST with   
     joy!" Printable from The Styled Child found on our  
     Shop here!
2.  Scissors or Paper Cutter
3.  Ruler
4.  Pencil
5.  Double sided tape or print small tags on sticker     
6.  Hot Glue
7.  Card Stock for Cards
8.  Bubbles (I used your standard bubbles found at a  
     local party store)


Print cards on card stock and cut out.
Print tags on card stock or sticker paper and cut out.
Attached tags on Bubbles and hot glue to cards.
And your done! Easy...Peasy! 

Looking for a cute way to wrap a Valentine gift? Check out this cute Valentine DIY wrapping paper!  

Enjoy and Share the Love!

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  1. This is absolutely adorable!! Thank you!! I would love to print but it says the store is under construction? Will this work again soon? :) Thanks again!!

  2. Oh, I was also wondering if the "Valentines Day" part could be altered? I'd like to give these to my Laurel's class (Young Woman in my church)! ;)