Friday, 28 March 2014

Footed Pajamas!

Every mom has spent that time at the store debating on the perfect pajamas for their child, one that both of them can agree on. Never fear, because kids footed pajamas can be the answer to that common question, “What do you want to wear to bed tonight?” While some may think footed PJs are outdated and others couldn’t think of the benefits of owning a pair, here are 5 reasons footed pajamas are still cool!

1.  Make mornings fun- no more cranky tantrums and stressful beginnings to the day. Footed pajamas keep kids snug while they wear their favorite characters and watch them on tv in their favorite cartoons.  They also keep your little ones comfy while they munch toast at the breakfast table and help mom pick out an outfit for the day making mornings even easier. 

2.  Laundry becomes a breeze- no mom likes to do laundry, and frequently a lot of time is spent hunting for the matching top or bottom to a favorite pair of pajamas. With footed pajamas, the mystery of lost bottoms vanishes along with the hassle of folding extra articles of clothing.  Teary nights spent looking for that perfect match turn into happy evenings of bedtime stories and lights out on time.

3.  It’s the perfect reason to buy yourself a pair- You may not remember when you were a kid and had your own pair of footed pajamas, but try some on and you’ll quickly remember they’re the comfiest thing to sleep in. By buying a matching set of footed pajamas for every member of the family, especially your little one, you can relive that cozy childhood feeling and create a bonding moment and fun family photos.  Kids also like to imitate their parents and if they see you in your matching set, it may help to make getting ready for bed even easier. 

4.  They never go out of style and save you money - feel free to recycle a child’s footed pajamas on a younger brother or sister, because no matter the pattern, they’ll still be in style.  Whether it’s plastered with superheroes or is a single fun and vibrant color, each child will love a pair of these pajamas as much as the one before, saving you time and money on future clothes shopping trips.

5. They come in all shapes and sizes- from cartoon characters to animal prints, footed pajamas cater to every boy and girl’s specific tastes.  The styles are endless as well; grippy feet, hoods, and even animal tails for kids who have wild imaginations. Bedtime becomes fun when your child puts on these pajamas and transforms him or herself into characters from a favorite TV show or a playtime alter-ego.

Footed pajamas are the coolest type of bedtime gear; they come in all colors and shapes, never go out of style, and give you a chance to match your whole family to create a bond and fun family memories.  Try a pair and see for yourself the magic that comes with these PJs!

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