Friday, 13 June 2014

The Styled Child Shop - Stylish Designs for Children

Stylish Designs for Children

The Styled Child is a line of stylish accessories for children! The Styled Child accessory line is designed and made by two Canadian mommas who were having trouble finding unique accessories for their two little girls.  

Although they liked traditional accessories, they wanted to have the option of putting their girls in current, one-of-a-kind hairbands and clips.  Together they created modern and traditional hair accessories that aren't found everywhere.  Materials used include chiffon, leather, denim, and felt.  The Styled Child aims to appeal to all aesthetics, and after receiving rave reviews from clients, they expanded their line to also include accessories for boys. 

You can find headbands, hairbands, clips, hair ties, hats, bow ties, scarves, and dresses on their online store and at various Mom shows throughout the GTA.   The Styled Child also creates custom birth posters and nursery prints and as well as accepting custom requests for accessories.  Missing that je ne sais quoi in an outfit? Send them a photograph and they will put together a few accessory options for your little one. 

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Below is a small selection of their wonderful accessories!

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