Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Call Me Cupcake

Diana, owner of Call Me Cupcake, always loved baking and experimenting with flavours.  As a stay at home mom she loved sharing the experience of baking with her children.  Not only allowing them to take in the sweet smell of freshly baked goods, but also allowing them to be involved in the process. 

I remember pulling chairs up to kitchen counter so they could reach, rolling up their sleeves and surrounding them with every possible ingredient they could add to cake or cookies, afterwards their little faces peering in the oven window anxiously waiting for that first bite.”

Diana continued to bake, as her children grew older and shared her baked goods with family and friends, secretly wishing of opening up her own shop one day.  As the cupcake craze hit the market, she noticed that all the businesses were the same.  They created the same flavours and in large batches.  Diana wanted more, she waned to offer more than just plain cupcakes.  She wanted her customers to be excited about tasting fresh and flavourful cupcakes that were outside the box!

Diana officially opened Call Me Cupcake.  Their cupcakes and cakes are flavoured as well as their frostings.  They work on a smaller scale so that their baked goods are unique.  They are baked in small batches throughout the day and the frosting is never bought but always made, this ensures the freshness of both the baked goods and frosting.  Call Me Cupcake also uses the finest ingredients, like fresh whole eggs, Madagascar vanilla beans, real butter, rich cream-cheese,  fresh fruit, and premium chocolate.  Diana also prides herself in being in the kitchen baking and making sure they meet her high standards.
“Quality, not quantity, is my first priority; therefore, when we reach baking capacity for a specific date we close orders, you are always guaranteed that our quality is exceptional!”
I was lucky enough to try one of CallMe Cupcake’s creations.  Diana made a wonderful Elmo cake for Mia’s 2nd Birthday.  My kid who loves the idea of cake, but does not like eating it had a pretty big slice! I was extremely pleased with the taste of the cake and the flavour pairings.  The cake was fresh and well made. 

Call Me Cupcake also makes other baked goods besides cupcakes and cakes.  They create Sweet/Dessert Tables, Candy Tables, Branded Cupcakes, Cupcake in a Jar, Cake Truffles, and Cake Pops to name a few. 

“Whether you are planning a stylish wedding, a whimsical birthday or an elegant engagement party, Call Me Cupcake will create something unforgettably sweet for you and your guests.”

You can call or visit Call Me Cupcake:
9929 Keele Street, Vaughan

Now it’s time for me to go get a cupcake!

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