Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Tuesday Review - Little Ittles

A little while back the wonderful Brandee of Little Ittles contacted me.  She asked me if I would take a look at her wonderful products.  I browsed her website and Etsy store and I couldn’t say no!  Little Ittles makes a great stylish and functional alternative to the standard baby bibs.  Not only do they carry bibs, but they also offer burp cloths, washcloths and blankets.   

A little history behind Littles Ittles from Brandee herself!

"One day my husband was feeding lunch to our little girl, we had 2 boys previously, and he noticed her bib was "boyish". (By the 3rd baby, you kinda just use what's available!) Well, he decided she needed a more "girlie" bib, which is when he got an idea. He thought it would be adorable to have her precious face be the center of a flower. He spoke with me later that night about his idea and asked if I could make it.

We then brainstormed and got a few different ideas. I had the "ok" to spend as much money as I needed to get going and get the designs perfect. This was not hard for me because I love to buy fabric and crafty stuff, and create things...I began to wonder if he would regret the "ok" he gave me! My mind was going a million miles an hour, I could not keep up! I got right to work. It took some time to get the designs to look the way I imagined (I have a hard time making the idea that's in my head, come to life) I got discouraged many times, but was inspired more, so I pressed on. I soon made my first bib. It was a sunflower bib. It was exactly what I wanted...except I made it with scrap fabrics so my adorable little girl was still wearing a "not-so-girlie" bib! (Or at least not-so-cute) 

Creating this first bib gave me the drive to continue on. Since, I have been designing and creating these unique, adorable bibs. As of now, we have 15 different designs created and many more waiting to be brought to life." 



From whales and sharks to cupcakes and flower bibs, there will be a style of bib that would appeal to any baby and toddler.  I was lucky enough to try and test a whale bib! 

I received my whale bib wrapped in a cute package with an added tag, which is perfect if you are sending it as a gift. 

These whimsical designs are all handmade and some can be customized in a variety of different coloured fabrics.  What I love about the Little Ittles bibs are that they are made with 100% cotton and are backed with an absorbent terry cloth.  The cotton and terry combo make them very easy to wash and the material is good quality, knowing that they will stand the test of time.   The long length of the bibs is also a great feature as they protect your child's lap and shirt...can't say the same thing about your floors! 

All bibs are sewn with coordinating thread and top stitched for durability, which is extremely important when we are talking about children's products.  The details on this whale bib are fantastic! Mia loves the fins, tale and the whale's spout with water.  Another great feature on the bib is the heavy duty snap button.  The snap ensures that the bibs cannot be pulled off, which is great as Mia has a habit of pulling off her bibs.  

Little Ittles bibs, washcloths, burp clothes and blankets can be found on the Little Ittles Etsy Shop or on the Little Ittles website.  The price point of these amazing bibs start at $14.99 and up, which makes it a unique and affordable gift.  Head over to Little Ittles and get yourself a cute bib! You will not be disappointed! 

Disclosure: I received samples from Little Ittles for review.  All opinions expressed on this blog are my own. 

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