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Time for Baby Number Two?

Time for Baby Number Two?

How do you know when you are ready for baby number two? Are you ever ready? When do you take the plunge?

As a parent or even a non-parent I don’t think you are ever ready for baby number, 2, 3…  It is a big decision that involves a lot of responsibility but one that I believe is well worth it.

Being a mom of one, deciding to bring another child into this world is a difficult one.  My husband and I keep thinking how can we love another child as much as we love our daughter? How can our love divide? Or does it multiply?  It’s an internal struggle. 

I asked a great Mommy group I am part of, “When did you know you were ready and if you are ever ready?”

Here are some of the responses!

I wasn't really but I knew that if I didn't try I would never want to go back into baby mode.  My 1st son was a year old when we began trying for baby 2. My theory was when he’s out of diapers I never want to go back. – Michele I

Our kids are two yrs. apart, just had our second 11 days ago. I wanted to be done having kids so we could move on with our lives and be busy raising them and also get our life as a couple back, if that makes sense. – Ora B

My son was 3 when I had my second. My thinking behind it was I didn't want a huge age gap between them but didn't want to be too overwhelmed with having little ones – Di A

My daughter is from a previous relationship. So I waited until I was married and we together were ready. There's a 10-year age gap. As for #3 (2 with hubby) we have pulled the goalie. My son will be 1 this Monday. We're not actively trying but not stopping it either. I think we'd be happy with what we have or with another so we're leaving it to fate. I knew I was open to having another because we enjoyed this baby so very much and I already miss the infancy stage. Just follow your heart. – Lola T

I had almost two yrs of fertility treatments to get pregnant with my first son. When he was 7 months old we decided to "try" to see what happened on our own. We planned on going back to the fertility clinic when he was one years old. We were very excited to find out when our first son was 9 months old that our second son was on the way. Our boys are 18 months apart but they are best buddies now. I am so glad things worked out the way they did. I wouldn't change a thing!!!
 - Lindsay T

I figured I would never fully be ready and so why not just see what happens? Then bam it happened very fast! Not typical for us in the past. – Val A

For my second, my first was only 6 month when I found out I was expecting my second. And to be honest it was the best thing because now I see them both growing up together. And I was done with the baby stage faster.
 - Teresa F-R

Our baby number 2 wasn't planned at all. It just happened. I'm not going to lie it was a bitter sweet moment! Many mixed emotions and feeling overwhelmed in every aspect!!!! Today my boys are 13 months apart one 3 and one is 2, it's been a very hard journey but I wouldn't change a thing on how it worked out. Watching them be best buddies just melts my heart – Orietta C

Baby #2 came earlier than originally planned. My first two are 16 months apart. Baby #3 is due in two weeks and my youngest will be 4 on Sunday. We wanted to try to see if it would work for a third, and not regret it a few years from now. We were lucky and it worked quickly. – Natasha F

I wanted my kids to be exactly 2 years apart so we started trying and it happened!!! I would say just do it!!!! – Sonia D

I am not ready for #2 and do not think I ever will be...wish I was younger so that I had more time. I am pretty sure we are stopping at 1. Mind you sometimes I think I should just stop my BC pill and leave it up to fate for a few months...but then I slap some sense into myself.
 - Tracy
We figured that we should try just before our son turned 3... Got prego ASAP. WITH TWINS! So I got baby 2 and 3. – Ana G-C 

My 2 older ones were accidents....The 3rd one I was trying for and it took me 3 years to get pregnant!!! Go figure...I always said if it didn't take me so long to have that 3rd, I would have gone for 4!! My ovaries still itch a bit, maybe I need a pup!
- Carla N
I was ready for #2 when #1 started to sleep through the night - Doriann S

At some point we knew we were going to take that plunge because we do want to expand our family and I am happy to say baby 2 is on his or her way…whether we think we are ready or not!

What advice do you have for mommies of one?

- Alessia

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