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Big Boy Room - Guest Post by Jules for Daily Tiramisu

Guest Post by
Jules for Daily Tiramisu

Winter is here and that means we tend to spend a lot more time indoors, PLUS, I'm SO tired of cooking (holidays can do that to a person).  So, I decided to throw a design post into the mix.  Cooking is a very creative process so it makes sense that I take an interest in interior design - same creative concept - different outlet.

This is my son's big boy room, a.k.a. the room I've always wanted!  He LOVES books and reading and you will be able to pick up on that quite easily because the features in his room are perfect for a book lover.  We wanted a design that was modern, fun but would also be able to grow and change as our son grows up. 


Entrance.  The entry way of his room is pretty simple.  I wanted it to be a place my son could throw off a sweater or hat as he entered his room.  I thought about a DIY hook structure but I found this really cool set of hooks from Umbra and I thought it would be perfect for his room.  The toy box is from Pottery Barn - we bought it for his very first Christmas.  It's a neat design because it is 
modelled after a vintage bakery cart.  He can use this as storage and to haul stuff when he moves out.  We will add to this area of the room as time goes on.  For now it will remain like this - lackluster yet functional.

Sleeping quarters.  On the day I found out I was having a second boy, we ordered this bed at Pottery Barn.  I always pictured that if I had two sons they would bunk together.  I went with very neutral bedding from Ikea.  I figured I could add pops of colour if I wanted to do so later.

Next is the reading nook.  From the first day we brought our son home from the hospital 3 years ago, we read to him every single night.  So, I needed a comfortable chair that we could both fit in.  I found this modern Ikea rocking chair on Kijiji for $60.  I look on Kijiji for a lot of second hand Ikea stuff.  A lot of people sell it.  It's at a perfect price point to keep for a few years and holds its value quite well. 

The arrow shelf  I thought complimented the triangle shapes on the wall well and allowed for a good storage spot for thicker board books.  When my son gets older he could store other things on the shelf.  I also picked up a large bin that resembles a barrel for a fun rustic touch. It acts as additional book or toy storage.

Art wall.  My husband was not fond of this idea as chalk usually creates a lot of dust but when my sister told me about dust-less chalk he was on board!  This wall is also magnetic!  So how we did this was we gave it a few coats of magnetic paint, let it cure according to package directions and then topped it with chalkboard paint, which also has special curing instructions.  This wall is perfect for drawing, learning to read, write, anything!  When my son gets older I imagine adding a modern sleek desk up against this wall and allowing him to write notes like homework reminders on the wall.

Book wall.  I wanted a cool feature wall so I decided to go with these triangles from Urban Wallz.  They have so many choices but I have always liked triangles.  I think it is pretty versatile too and I can see a teenager enjoying this feature wall as well.  The book shelves are also Ikea.  I love this idea because it allows my son to see all his books so he can choose which one he wants to read.  It also allows me to rotate books according to season and age.  When my son gets older we will likely add a bracket to the left of the shelves to hold a small flat screen television.  The Book shelves can grow into an area to hold artwork, certificates of achievement, magazines, a tablet....anything older boys would use.  I added some ottomans from Ikea as well.  My son uses these to read on or to do work on at his activity table.


Activity Table.  This table was purchased at an auction.  It is actually from Pottery Barn.  We originally used it in our living room as a coffee table but we decided it works really well in the centre of my son's room.  It is really low and wide which makes it a perfect activity table.  It also has extra storage underneath. My son pulls up an ottoman and reads or colours at this table.  When he grows older, we can always remove this piece if he needs the extra space.

The closet.  We used Ikea's Pax wardrobe planning tool and this was the best we could do with such an awkward L-shaped space but I think it worked out nicely!  These are great because you can reconfigure the boxes as your kid grows based on what type of storage they need.

Lighting.  The lighting is simple, and also Ikea.  I was going to do a pop of colour with the lighting but I never got around to it as I got bogged down with many projects.  I can always spray paint the lamp of light fixture in the future.  Ikea stuff is great because it's cheap enough that if you alter it and you don't like it, it's not a huge investment wasted.

So this is my Son's big boy room.  It was a lot of work pulling this together.  It started with his bed that we bought him for his third birthday and we just recently completed it.  These projects are never really done though!  We are hoping our newest addition, Little D, could move in and bunk with our older son when he is old enough.  I always loved the idea of brothers sharing rooms.  I shared a room with my sister until we were 26!

Anyway, I hope you could find some bits of inspiration in my pictures!  Happy decorating!

With Love,
Jules for Daily Tiramisu 

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