Friday, 20 February 2015


Recently I have been creating quite a few DIY projects for Mia’s Toddler room and for the new baby’s room.  I was searching the Internet for cute name pillows and wasn’t having any luck with that.  I found plenty of cushions, but not bed pillows. 

I bought Mia a crib pillow from Ikea a while back but she didn’t want to use it and wanted a regular size pillow.  So instead of just forgetting about the Ikea pillow, I thought I might as well doodle or draw on the pillowcase for it.  Maybe write her name, hoping that would get her to use it.  Well it worked and the DIY was successful, although time consuming!

Ikea Cot Pillow
LEN Pillow Cases

Here are the steps to your very own 
DIY Name Pillow!

Step One

Once you have picked your pillowcase, insert a hard board or piece of paper.  It will make it easier to write on!  Once that has been inserted use a pencil and ruler to draw out your letters.  I drew the letters free-hand but you can print off specific fonts and trace them or create a stencil to use.  The size of the font/lettering will be determined by the pillowcase size and where you would like to place the letters.

Step Two

After I drew out the letters I traced them with my black StainedSharpie Fabric marker, which I purchased from Walmart Canada.  I took my time and tried to lift instead of drag the ruler as to not smudge the marker.  Once my letters were traced it was time to come up with a design.  I debated on whether or not to use color and decided against it.  I then proceeded to create linear patterns with some dots. 

Step Three

Once I completed my design, I let the marker dry for about 24hrs.  I then washed the pillow in the washer with cold water.  This obviously washed the pillow, but it also removed any leftover pencil marks.  I let the pillow hang dry and ironed it. 

Step Four

Show the kid!  Mia loved her pillowcase because it had her name on it and Mommy made it!

I also loved how it turned out.  I would have liked the black color to be darker, it is almost on the grey side.  Another negative was that I used the WHOLE black marker for the one pillowcase.  All in all, we are both happy! If you try your own DIY pillowcase, please be sure to share it with us!

- Alessia

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