Thursday, 5 February 2015

Mia's Big Girl Room - PART TWO: THE DESIGN


After countless design boards and ideas floating through my head, I think I have settled on a design!  It was very hard to limit all of my great finds that I wanted to include in Mia's new big girl room. 

 First off, I am not a millionaire so I had to give up on a lot of fun products.  Not only were the products expensive but the shipping rates to Canada are ridiculous!!!!  And who knows what the duties would have been.  I did purchase a few items abroad and I am really happy with these choices.  I have to make a couple of other purchases to finish the room off and I may change the design as I go along.  We are also in the process of looking for a new house, so I am wondering if I should implement my design now or wait until we find a new home!  So many decisions! 

Here is Mia's Design Board! What do you think?

Don't Grow Up - Print - The Styled Child
Hello Beautiful - Print - Allyson Johnson
Lovebot Toy - LoveBot
Poster - Enemies Yay
Felt Ball Garland - Mia and Booboo
Gold Dot Decals - Urbanwalls
Dog Painting - Custom - Mia and Booboo
Felt Ball Rug -
"Mia" Duvet - Custom - Mia and Booboo
Ice Cream Lamp - The Styled Child
Ice Cream Pillows - I Love Linen
Arrows - Zilvi
Malm Bed, Dresser, and Night Table - Ikea
Stool - Mint - Malmo 

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- Alessia 

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