Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Super Quick & Easy Toddler Activity!

I’m home now with my 22 month old daughter, waiting on the arrival of baby #2. Keeping my daughter occupied with fun activities all day is difficult but thanks to Pinterest, I’ve been able to find some great things to do with her!

Painting snow was quick to put together and she painted for almost 45 minutes. Even Daddy got in on the fun and seemed to enjoy it!

What you need …
•    Food colouring or washable paint
•    Paintbrushes
•    Container to hold a decent amount of snow
•    Cups or containers to hold your paint
•    Highly recommend putting a painting smock on your child(ren)!
•    Garbage bag for quick and easy cleanup


I used a small amount of Crayola washable paint and watered it down but you could also use water with food colouring for this activity. 

Mix up your colours in individual cups or containers and fill your large container with snow and you’re ready
to go!


- Stephanie

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