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This month, children’s clothing brand Jax & Hedley have released their SS15 collection to sit on the frontier of kid’s fashion – ready for the summertime. The brand vision is simple according to director Louise Sheldon-Smillie. “I strive to create fresh & unique handmade apparel and nursery accessories for exceptionally cool kids aged 0 to 4 years. I want to constantly push little peoples style boundaries using a heady concoction of engaging designs, incredible fabrics, contemporary fits & a genuine love for what I do every day.”
This mantra and the resulting summer collection aim to resonate with chic, fashion conscious parents and their little fashionistas alike. Premium children's fashion is very much on the rise, with the first global children's fashion week occurring in the last two years. The market for children's clothing is significantly bigger than it has ever been and with demand for novel, high quality handmade pieces increasing, it has encouraged many of the leading luxury brands to diversify into children’s fashion and opened up the market for distinctive and original brands like Jax & Hedley.

Particular highlights of the SS15 collection being released are the unisex ‘Marble’ leggings, the ‘Paris’ casual romper and an array of youthful tee’s. The marble leggings feature the bold and eye-catching white marble fabric with a modern slim-fit leg and branded detailing. The unisex summer-friendly ‘Paris’ romper is constructed  from lightweight fabric and adds contemporary, casual & practical style to a little one’s wardrobe. The array of strong printed tee’s give the collection a simple monochrome undertone, with playful designs hand printed on high quality cotton t-shirts.

Available online at www.jaxandhedley.com

- Alessia

This post is not sponsored by Jax & Hedley, this is the SS15 Press Release.  

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