Sunday, 26 April 2015

Gifts that Give Back - Perfect Mother's Day Gift!

Over the course of the next couple of weeks we are going to feature businesses that create great gifts for Mother's Day! Here is our first feature business!

LIV IT UP Home Décor is a small business run by Rina Pileggi.  LIV IT UP Home Décor was created in the memory of Rina and Ralph’s daughter, Alivia Nina to raise money needed to get an honorable plaque on Sick Kids Donor Wall. 

Alivia Nina was a twin to her brother Domenic.  While pregnant Rina was told that Alivia had severe heart defects and would die in utero and that she would lose both kids.  Beating all odds her twins were born and Alivia was taken to Sick Kids at birth were she was monitored.  
She had open-heart surgery, it was almost successful, but with surgeries come complications.  She developed blood clots in her spleen a few days later and the doctors had to perform a second surgery to remove her spleen
.  Days later on July 26th, almost a month after birth, Alivia passed away.  It changed their lives forever and they buried their precious baby.  Alivia brought her brother here and for that they are forever grateful to her. 

The Pileggi Family started The Alivia Nina Pileggi Cardiac Critical Care Unit Tribute Fund (t 8305) in her honour.  They have raised $7,000 in one year, but still have a long ways to go as the plaque needs a donation of $25,000.  LIV IT UP now participates in events to help raise money.  On July 24th they will be having their 2nd LIV’S Angels event. 

Here are some great Mother's Day Gifts that Give Back!

For more information or to purchase their home décor items please visit the LIV IT UP Home Décor webpage on Facebook.

Alivia Nina Pileggi Critical Cardiac Care Tribute Foundation
Fund t8305 The Hospital for Sick Kids



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