Wednesday, 6 May 2015

15 Simple and Fun Mommy-Daughter Date Ideas!

With Mother's Day fast approaching I have been searching for great Mother's Day ideas.  I already wrote a post where I shared my favourite DIY gifts.   

Here are what I think are 
15 Simple and Fun 
Mommy-Daughter Date Ideas! 

1.  Plan a scavenger hunt or give her a treasure map and discover the clues together.

2.  Do a craft together. Go to Michaels or Dollarama and buy a little craft kit that you can make together.

3.  Have a Tea Party.

4.  Get pampered at a local spa.  Many have mother-daughter packages.

5.  Bake together.  Make your favourite cake, cupcakes or cookies.

6.  Paint Pottery. 

7.  Park Play Date. Go to the park and actually play with her on all the toys.

8.  Go on a Fancy Dinner. Make reservations and dress up.

9.  Have a slumber party.

10.  Have a picnic together.  Plan your meal and activities together for the day.

11.  Movie Night and Popcorn! At home or the theatre! 

12.  Build a Fort.  Gather lots of blankets and pillows.

13.  Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt Date.

14.  Do something fun but Educational! Museum, Zoo, Science Centre.

15.  Go to Chapters or the Library and browse and read books together.


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