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Here at The Styled Child, we love featuring small businesses, especially run by moms!  I have featured business in the past on the blog but wanted to feature more MOM created/run businesses as I know how difficult it is to raise a family and run a business.  Our second feature is one from down under, Geobaby & Co!  Here is my interview with the founder, Elissa. 

Tell us about yourself and your shop. What do you sell?

My name is Elissa and I am a new Mum to one little guy named Parker.  Now, when I say new, my son is now nearly 2! But as most Mums would agree, time just zooms by after kidlets enter your world...and somehow 2 years has passed by like 2 hours! 

About 3 months ago I decided to take some time to start creating! I’ve always enjoyed creating and crafting.  I loved the idea of making different and pretty décor pieces for little ones. That’s where Geobaby & Co began.  Creating décor for little ones – what fun!!  I started by sketching my ideas and visualizing how these pieces would look in beautiful nurseries and playrooms.  Then from my drawings I started to create.  The creating happened when P had his day time nap!

Geobaby & Co’s products consist of wall hangings, dreamers, canvas art and garlands.  The materials used consist of Jersey Yarn, Stiffened Felt, Wood and Canvas.  That is the range for now, but there’s more to come.

 What was your situation before you started this business? Were you always a business owner, or did you have a more traditional career?

Before starting Geobaby & Co I was a Teacher.  An Early Childhood Teacher and I did this for about 10 years.  I’m dabbling in the idea of returning to relief teaching, however that may make things far too busy. So for now, its just a thought. 

How do you keep everything organized? Do you have a workspace?

At the moment my work space is my entire house! Ha! I do have a designated work area, which is lovely and my desk is by a big window where I often sit and document new ideas...however somehow my house has turned into a massive display room full of wall hangings, dreamers and garlands! I think it’s time for a studio!

What has been the most difficult aspect of being a Mommy with a Small Business?

I think the most difficult aspect is just time.  I love creating, my ideas run wild and at times I get frustrated when I can’t just create constantly! I have had to learn to be more patient and get things done when I can. 

 Who are your customers, and how do you serve them? Was there a pressing problem you were trying to solve with your product?

At the moment my sales are directly through Instagram and Facebook.  My customers email me and I deal directly with them to place and fill their orders.  My website is in the making and I’m really looking forward to allowing people to browse and buy very soon.  My direct audiences are Mamas and Mamas to be, Papas, family members and friends who want to purchase gorgeous goodies for the little ones in their lives.

What resources or tools did you find most helpful when you were getting started?

Social Media has been amazing.  Its how I’m getting my brand out there, meeting fellow business owners, supporting small and being a part of an amazing online community.  It’s my go to for support, inspiration and marketing.

What were your biggest mistakes, or biggest wastes of time or money?

There hasn’t been anything major yet.  I think that is one of the lovely things about being a small business and someone who creates handmade products.  I make things to order and nothing expires.  So far so good!

What kinds of content do you create to help you market your business?

Quality photos of my products.  I like to showcase them individually as well as using customers pictures of how they have styled my products in their kidlets rooms! I’m always amazed at how creative people are at styling different pieces.  It excites me to see people tagging my products.

  How do you use social networking in your business (or how does your business benefit from social networking sites)?

As I mentioned earlier social networking is my go to at this stage.  It amazing! I use Instragram and Facebook daily.  They are really great forums for marketing my products. 

What does your business look like today?

One Mama. Bold brights. Soft pastel. Lots of shapes. 

What’s next for you? What are your next goals? 

My main goal is to have my website ready to browse and buy within the month.  I'd like sales to be more convenient for my customers.  However, I think I might miss the personal interactions I have with them via email.  

 What advice would you give to mothers trying to start their own businesses?  

Go for it! It’s yours and you can make it what you want.  I do what I’m doing because I love it.

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Stay tuned to Mia's Big Girl Room Reveal which will feature a Geobaby & Co Fringe! 

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