Monday, 15 June 2015

Crop Top Day by Freed Green

“Crop Top Day” created by a young woman from Etobicoke,  Ontario named Alexi Halket is nothing more than another example of entitled, misdirected youth and lack of parenting. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this latest form of brat-outcry. Let me fill you in on the details.

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 Alexi Halket wore a short skirt to her high school and a crop top the day before her birthday. When asked to wear something more appropriate she refused and was sent to the Principal’s office. Apparently after one hour of discussion Alexi continued to bang the drum of “body positive” outfit that made her feel beautiful. When Alexi arrived at home she used social media, specifically facebook, to reach out to all young women who believed in her justification to show their support for her antics. The next day hundreds of budding women wore crop tops to school to show their support.

After such a wonderful display of support for this young women’s ambition, I ask only one question – Where are the parents!? Not only do I wonder where the ringleader’s parents are in this situation, but I wonder where the parents of the supporting minions? Do children no longer come home and talk to their parents? Are parents curled up in their own little worlds not realizing that in 2015 there are more influences that could shape children than ever before? Clearly, parents aren’t paying close enough attention to their impressionable children. I am sure for most adults this is eerily similar to an idea or behaviour at one time of our lives where our parents had to snap it out of our feeble minds.

According to many articles I have read on this event, Mr. MacKinnion (the school principal) discussed with Ms. Halket that her outfit was a “sexual distraction” and that he attempted to explain the context of a professional environment. When did educational institutions become so spineless!? She’s sixteen! She knows exactly what influence her dress has on the young men around her. Mr. MacKinnon, a better approach would be to simply give her two options, cover up or go home. If there would be any other discussion, it should be that the outfit does not meet school policy – PERIOD. If it’s hot enough, is she allowed to show up in a bikini? It covers all the sexual areas!  School is a forum to learn and part of learning includes not getting your way all the time.

I truly appreciate the determination and rebellious nature of Ms. Halket’s actions; I only wish it were for a worthwhile cause. Social media is a bastion of adolescent and immature ideals. There are countless amounts of cries for support for everything from Ms. Crop Top to the abolishment of any kind of governance. For more than a full news day this wardrobe was the discussion of radio talk shows throughout Toronto. If there is one thing that I hope was learnt in this entire situation it is that parents should be more involved with their children. I would doubt that the majority of parents would support their young daughters wearing crop tops anywhere other than in their own recreational time. Unfortunately, it appears that there is a severe disconnect based on the actions of the supporting youth.

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Ms. Halket, good on you for finding something that makes you feel justified and beautiful.  Now, I am going to give you and all young women a piece of advice.  If showing your body off makes you feel beautiful, then you are sadly misdirected. Beauty is not what the latest fashion is and beauty is not the surface of your skin. Although these items may contribute to someone’s opinion of what beauty is, beauty is who you are as a person. There is beauty found in the most disastrous situations, and there is ugliness in the most beautiful but deadly of nature’s creations. The cliché of beauty is only skin deep is something that as you age you will find an appreciation for. 

Don’t spend the next five, ten, or twenty years of your life thinking that dressing in a trendy outfit makes you beautiful. Start today and realize that beauty is in the kindness of your heart, the depth of your knowledge and hopefully the appreciation of the life you are blessed with.

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