Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Baby Bjorn Bouncer Mini Review & GIVEAWAY!

This spring I had the opportunity to attend a local launch party for Baby Bjorn’s newest product, the Baby Bjorn Bouncer Mini.  Unfortunately I was due with my second child at any moment and the size of a house so I wasn’t able to make it.  But Modern Mama, who hosted the event, sent me a Bouncer Mini anyways and they are also offering a Bouncer Mini to one of my fabulous readers!

My daughter is now two months old and I use the Baby Bjorn Bouncer Mini everyday.  It is perfect for newborns up to 6 months old.  The ergonomic Bouncer Mini offers comfort for babies, supporting the neck and head and is a safe place for me to lay my daughter down.  I also love that it can teach babies how to self soothe and it trains their motor skills and balance by bouncing using their natural movement.

I transfer the Bouncer Mini easily throughout the house, as it is light and easy to take around.  It is also so easy to take apart and put back together and great to transport to my parents house or anywhere I am visiting.  Another bonus is that it is pretty modern looking and not your typical looking baby product.  It comes in both silver and pink 100% cotton fabric.


We also have a great opportunity to WIN your very own Baby Bjorn Bouncer Mini below! 
$159.99 value - Open to Canadian Residents only.

Ends July 31, 2015. Enter via the giveaway form below

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