Monday, 6 July 2015


This past weekend was Gay Pride Week in Toronto and it was further underlined by the massive American Federal decision to recognize gay marriage across the entire USA. Unfortunately the monumental decision was overshadowed by many people protesting against this simple right. People of all colors, stripes and creeds came out of the woodwork to express their displeasure. Many protesters feel that their rights have been infringed on by giving same sex marriage couples recognition.

With the vast amount of education available to people throughout the world, let alone the western hemisphere, people are still squabbling and in some sad instances, attacking people for what they choose to do behind closed doors in their own homes. Even after centuries of education that teaches people that people are no different from one another because of their sexual preference or religious beliefs  - we still have people who refuse to accept other’s differences.

There are several justifications that people use to validate their hatred toward gay marriage and I would like to break down each of them and provide a non-biased, neutral perspective.

Argument #1: Denouncing the concept on religious grounds.

I have a very difficult time accepting anyone’s opinions based on religious grounds today. We are living in a time where our world is being attacked daily by people taking extreme measures based on their religious fundamentalism. It is bigotry, hypocrisy and pure stupidity that anyone who feels they have the right to deny someone’s rights based on their religion.  Every piece of religious literature teaches forgiveness, tolerance and acceptance. Anyone who justifies their actions on religious grounds that does not show compassion is a fake and dangerous human being.

Argument #2:  What if my children become gay!? / I want my children to learn about the LBGT community at an appropriate age.

So!? There are plenty of people who are gay in our world that no one would ever know they were gay unless they expressed it. There are people that each of us deal with day – to – day that are gay and just do not feel the need to tell anyone about it. Children aren’t ‘taught ‘ to be gay. They either are or they are not. No different than any man or woman is heterosexual. Any responsible, loving parent would agree that they would rather have their children be happy than live a life of fear and falsehood. 

I understand some parent’s viewpoints regarding when they feel it may be appropriate for their children to learn about the LBGT community; it is something that some children may not be prepared for at a young age. The reality is that if your child is conscious of certain behaviours and living in the Western world there are plenty of opportunities to explain to children that there are others that are different than Mommy and Daddy. The bottom line is that children are more conscious and aware of differences in this world than adults normally give them credit for. Children should be taught that there are differences and that there is nothing wrong with that.

Argument #3: I don’t believe it is natural way of being.

For all of you wonderful people who want to stand on this soap box – please, I beg of you – read a book! Homosexuality is a natural part of the animal world. It has been with us since primitive times and is still an occurrence in the animal kingdom to this day. This does not symbolize the end of procreation or reproduction; in fact many animals that show homosexual behaviour are often bisexual.

Argument #4: Why do they have to have “Gay Pride” / It’s always in your face!

This is one topic that that at times I could sympathize with because in some respects I don’t see the need for people to be overly flamboyant or overtop in their expression. Unfortunately the fact of the matter is that after having been oppressed and bullied as long as gay-culture has been they deserve a pass to find their fit in our society and not behind closed doors. No different than the oppression of other races or women, the LBGT community has been abused forever. If you feel it’s in your face, chances are it’s because you aren’t used to it being so public and prominent. Truth is, like anything outside your home, in the communities in which we conduct our lives, there are differences.

When will this all end? When will we look past differences among good people who do nothing to harm anyone and treat them as our equals?  I am absolutely certain if there was someone watching our actions in our bedrooms with our significant others, they would find a thing or two they disagree with. We should not have to wait another one-hundred years to reach the next level of compassion. If a person is a moral, peaceful, compassionate and genuine person, we should all accept that individual. There is one simple change needed in our society / culture, we need recognize that there is only one race – the human race. There should have never needed to be a gay pride week, a black history month, holocaust remembrance day or a woman’s day.  Unfortunately it has had to take many lost lives for society to recognize its faults.  There is a very big difference between someone who is ill-willed and someone who simply prefers something different than you or I. We should band together as a human culture for more valuable battles than simply disagree whether a man can love another man or a woman can love another woman. Love is colorblind and it transcends all boundaries in respect to consenting adults.

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