Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The Tuesday Review - The Good Ones Clothing Co.

“From where we stand, it’s about more than clothes.  It’s about helping to build a generation of kids who are Creative, Innovative, Generous and Authentic.” – The Good Ones

I was recently contacted by The Good Ones Clothing Co. a “brother” company to the wonderful Matilda Jane Clothing company that we have supported and reviewed in the past.  They asked that I take a look at their wonderful and fun line of clothing.   

The Good Ones Clothing Co. was founded in Spring 2012 and was started as a creative partnership by the founders of One Lucky Guitar (a design & marketing boutique) and Matilda Jane Clothing.  Their purpose is to “create products celebrating the kids that light fireworks in our souls.

Since I do not have boys I decided to give the outfits to a friend with boys.  Together we chatted about the clothing and quality.  We love the rock and roll vibe the clothing has taken on.  If you look at the collection of pieces they feature images of the fictional rock band “The Final Hurrahs”, it’s members Adrian, Bullfrog, Franklin and Stuart.  The collection of clothing is both playful and youthful.     

The Good One’s clothing is well made with great fabrics.  The fabrics are soft and comfortable, yet durable and perfect for young boys.  T-G-O sent over the Record Collector Button-Up Shirt that is fitted and has western accents.  

Along with the shirt we received the Haberdash II tie and the T-G-O Rama Pants.  Both with the same printed fabric.  

We also received the World Tour Jacket, which features a reversible design and snap front buttons with red accents. 

How can you go wrong with this great and fun line?

Thank you to Silvana Marshall Photography for the Fab Photos!
This post is sponsored by The Good Ones Clothing Co., the thoughts and opinions expressed here are solely my own.

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