Monday, 11 January 2016

The Column - The Sabbatical


The Sabbatical

As some of you may know, I have had quite a lengthy sabbatical, I am excited to share my story below...

Friday, June 19 2015 approximately 12:00 AM - I returned home from a business function and proceeded to my master bathroom for my end of the night routine. As I was preparing for bed after a long Friday, my eye was drawn to the garbage can next to the throng. I reached down and pulled out a "first response" pregnancy test  box. My wife at this time is completely out cold for the night... lately she had been complaining about an abnormal amount of fatigue throughout the day. I continued my investigation and began to review the instructions on the box while examining the test. The particular test read, "If two lines appear, even if very faint, the test is positive". I strained my tired eyes in disbelief and noticed there was one very distinct line, but one very, very thin line. I proceeded to the bedroom and asked my barely conscious wife about the test... She mumbled, "it's negative" and rolled over with a snort. I proceeded to be the pain in the ass that I tend to be and read her the instructions on the box. To my wife's relief, I asked her to please pick up another test the next day so that we could be sure. I lay in bed staring at the ceiling thinking about the possibilities.

Saturday, June 20, 2015 - Approximately 6:00 PM. My wife returns home from work with a test that clearly states, that an accurate test will read "YES" or "NO". I sat by quietly on my tablet and awaited the result. Sure enough, the test read "YES"!. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015 - Father's Day, I am officially in Dad mode and buying baby name books and the "What to Expect When You're Expecting" series.

The Sabbatical:

Life is truly amazing... In the spring, I began deconstructing our guest bedroom and cleaning it up in preparation for the intended conception of our first child, I began the process of replacing items throughout the house to accommodate our parental lifestyle, I even sold my wife's sporty little car and bought a family friendly SUV. Now here I am in January of 2016 and our precious little parcel is expected to arrive in classic fashion on the Leap Day, February 29 2016. 

With a thriving business life that takes up an average of ten hours of my daily life, a cottage renovation and now the preparation of a nursery and home for baby, my life became a little hectic. My new venture writing The Column for The Styled Child was one of several items that needed to be put on hold. I am glad to be back.

During my sabbatical, I learned that father's sympathy eating is a real thing and that women's bodies are more incredible than I ever appreciated. There is a lot more that I have experienced, but for the sake of this specific post, I feel that these are by far the two most entertaining. I have gained an unhealthy fifteen pounds of fat from eating at the same pace as my ravenous wife and baby. I was amazed at how our cravings almost synchronized and her hunger quickly became my hunger. We would literally call one another to express our cravings and be amazed at their similarities. My tiny wife has gained about thirty five pounds of baby and baby stuff. But the most amazing part of this experience is how my wife's body has adapted for preparation of bearing a child, how her belly changes as baby grows and how baby moves in the confines of mother's belly. 

I have kissed my wife's belly every morning to say good morning to my child and I have curled up with my hand on her belly every night to feel my baby's movements as they became more apparent. I have always wanted to be a father and I am blessed to have this opportunity to experience one of life's miracles. 

I have managed to organize my schedule and life in a manner where, even after baby is born, that I will still be able to write. I will be contributing on a bi-weekly basis as before and I am looking forward to sharing my experiences.

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  1. Babies are truly a wonderful phenomenon, specially thinking that how 2 people can come together and give life to someone so amazing, The whole nine months and the time that follows that is just magical. Looking at the baby grow up and documenting everything is just amazing. So congratulations to anyone and everyone who has gone through this

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