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The Mom Behind The Styled Child!


I am a mother of two gorgeous little girls and to my pup Booboo!  Besides being a mother and wife, I am a high school art teacher.   At night I take on the role of a blogger and owner of The Styled Child Shop, which is a line of modern accessories for children.  I am also the owner of the graphic design shop, Mia & Booboo.  I am from the outskirts of Toronto, Ontario.  I love anything design related and try to immerse myself into it as much as I can!

As mom's do...we no longer prioritize ourselves, but instead our children.  Since my life revolves around my daughter, I decided to start this blog dedicated to design in kids fashion, furniture, products and whatever else kid related.  I love sharing DIY's and projects that I do around the house.  

I hope to share and feature stuff that I love and hopefully other mummies will love! 

Since I started the blog I have gained a little following, which I am forever grateful for!  

Guest Bloggers


I became a Mom in 2013, to a beautiful little girl. It forever changed my world, in a heart swelling, loving every minute of it kind of way. However, it didn't take me long to realize that there is so much that no one tells you about babies, motherhood, parenting and marriage after children. My hope is to bring those difficult, tough and sometimes awkward topics to light, among fun ideas and heart smiling topics. I hope you can find a little (or a lot) to relate to and you enjoy your time on the blog! 

Clara Power - Travel Advisor

Clara Power is a happily married mother to 2 well traveled kids, Andrew and Lauren.  She is a Personal Travel Advisor at her own travel agency Clara Power TPI which is in association with Travel Professionals International.  As an active traveler having visited over 35 countries and almost every continent, (still working on Antarctica), Clara is no stranger in understanding the unique wants and needs of families travelling together making her your expert choice for creating those special family vacation experiences. 
Do not hesitate to call her today to learn about what she can do to help you plan a seamless and enjoyable vacation! For more travel tips and reviews follow her at www.facebook.com/ClaraPowerTPI.

If you have any design products you would like to share with other mummies, feel free to email us.  Is your nursery/kids room modern, hip and cool? Or traditional, girly and pretty? Send photos and we will feature great nursery designs (miathestyledchild@gmail.com) 

We love traditional yet modern, vintage and new, high end and even low end, as long as the design is great.  

Thanks for stopping by The Styled Child!  If you like what you see, you can subscribe and follow me on social media or email me!

Thanks for reading and for all the support!



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